On Life, Friendship, Love and Whatnot

Sorry for not updating the blog as often as I promised I would for the last half of 2013 –that is downright unforgivable. But life happened and I got carried away with living it a little bit, so I became lazy and uninspired. The saying about “Happy people don’t make the best artists?” I get it now. Your art does suffer when you are having fun.

2013 was like a big whirlwind event for me. A lot of things happened simultaneously in a short period of time, so I was kind of badgered with them and didn’t really get the chance to sit down and think about what they meant to me. My professional life took a better turn last year. I got a job working as an English teacher in a school I fell in love with and had my first article published in a nationwide newspaper. From the short internship I did in Speak!’s office last August, I now write for them on a freelance basis. I am utterly grateful for God’s work in my life, and couldn’t be more thankful with His plan for me. But my oldest friendship hit a snag –for a reason that I still can’t fully comprehend until now– and hasn’t been the same since then. It hurt at first, but I have learnt to come to terms with it and let go. God sent me new friends and we had crazy times together; going to Jakarta and exploring the hidden crooks of my own town have got to be the highlights. February led me to meet a wonderful guy, who has lit the little hope in me and shown me that I was not so different from everybody else. Thank you. For the other short-lived, almost romances, you have taught me to be more resilient, brave and loving. Thank you.

“Aimons toujours! Aimons encore!”

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