Fun Stuff

You have been buried underneath mountains of homework and projects for the whole week and finally the long awaited weekend arrives! Forget about the looming deadlines and the unfinished work; it’s time to let the hard-working machine upstairs get some rest and you to have some fun. While doing well as a student is good, never forget the importance of letting off some steam to balance our hectic lives. What’s better than doing it together with friends?

Here are a couple of fun things to do:
1. Joining an outbound
Bored of hanging out at malls and are looking for something more active to do with your time? Try outbound. It usually consists of a bunch of outdoor activities with trainings in them –leadership or teamwork– so it is not only fun but useful, too. You get a chance to work out in nature in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying free vitamin D and fresh air. Before you know it, you will be sweating bullets trying to finish the games and you won’t even realize you are exercising for fun. It’s a better alternative for those who want to get a bit of exercise but find gym to be intimidating and monotonous. Plus, doing outbound together with your friends will surely raise your competitive side to win.

2. Having a cooking / baking party.
How many of your friendships are built on shared fondness of food? Probably more than you realize, especially when it includes desserts. Food is the ultimate bond for relationships as there is nothing more satisfying to catch up with friends over platefuls of delicious goodies. Going to restaurants or cafes tend to cost a lot and you can’t stay for long, so why not switch things up a bit? If you have a sweet spot for cakes, throw a baking party when you feel like your sweet tooth is acting up. But if you are more of the savory type, whip up a cooking frenzy with your pals by channeling your inner Nigella. Both ideas are guaranteed to leave you full and happy for less, plus you can hone your kitchen skills at the same time. Score!

3. Holding a crafternoon.
Crafternoon is an excellent bonding activity to practice your craft and introduce the joy of crafting to your friends who are new to it. There are tons of free manuals out there in the internet if you are looking for inspirations, and you can always try inventing something new when creativity strikes –which is more fun than just following instructions. To have a good crafternoon, there is no rule about having to be an artsy person; as long as you show up with spirit and some ideas, you will have fun. If you bring cookies, it will be even better. Crafternoon is more about the process rather than the result: being able to laugh at failed attempts to make something and teach each other new crafting skills.

4. Doing a garage sale.
Do a quick eye-sweep through your room. Do you have more space to move around than storing clothes? If your answer is no, perhaps it is high time for you to sort out your stuff. Get out the clothes you don’t wear anymore and put them in a box. Encourage your friends to do the same. When you guys have enough to hold a proper garage sale, print some fliers to distribute or utilize Twitter or Facebook for free advertisement. You can make the event more fun by playing some music, putting up mini games to play, or serving snacks and drinks to the visitors. You will be killing two birds with a stone by having the sale: you can de-clutter your room and also earn some extra money on the side.

For Speak! Apr.edition, 2014


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